Great Fish and Chips in st Andrews

It’s interesting to consider one’s prejudices; a fish and chip shop is a fish and chip shop, Right? Well no actually it can also be a rather good eatery, and an ideal pit stop before the cinema or any other evening event you might consider.

When the Tail End first opened in St Andrews I welcomed it as another fish shop to provide some competition to the only fish monger in town and pretty soon the friendly welcome received at the new place won me over and it is now my first port of call in St. Andrews for fish, what it lacks perhaps in variety, is made up for in freshness and quality, some pale smoked haddock recently was superb, ideal for the Cullen Skink I was making for a local event. But I am sure if you ask the Spink family to get you something – anything! They will source it.

So much for the fish. I have also used the chip shop, as I have been at some late night events and coming out @ 9.30 and starving I remembered the fish and chip there from my youth – Joe’s I think it was? And tried out the new one and it has become my favourite pit stop, excellent fresh fish and great chips. I would occasionally peer into the back shop where I could see the restaurant tables but never went further, not being my idea of a “proper” restaurant. Normally after a film or concert we might pop into a local ethnic restaurant of which there are many in St Andrews but to be honest none of them really do much for me in town so we decided to try the Tail End and I have to say it will be my pre or post film stop from now on.

It’s a very family affair! On the night we chose the owners’ daughter was in the chip shop bit and son was the fryer and Jess, his wife was in the restaurant/cafe ably supported by Chloe. A friendly welcome and knowledge of the product are cornerstone qualities for any eatery for me and Tail End has that in spades. The menu is simple, covering all the things you might expect, burgers and the like but there is also a specials board with that days’ fresh fish. There was Halibut, farmed Sea bass Hake and Lemon sole to choose from. Very fresh and simply cooked with a salad and chips “just ask for more if you need them” was a very welcome statement!

Big surprise was the quality of the wine list a fabby chenin from South Africa and a beautiful rose from Planeta in Sicily,

The family have expansion in mind and there will be a Tail End fish shop opening in Dundee soon so I have learnt something today – don’t judge before you try! And Tail End is worth a visit.


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