Broccoli Recipes by Christopher Trotter

Broccoli Book

This slim volume has 30 recipes for the wonderful BRASSICA including the stalks. Each with its own colour photograph by Caroline Trotter. There are hints on buying and storage as well as nutritional information. A must for any BROCCOLI lover or gardener with a glut or veg box buyer. Perfect Christmas stocking filler!

In this collection of recipes I have tried to show the range of this remarkable vegetable, combining it with ingredients such as FISH and PHEASANT through to apples, spices, cheese and PULSES Boil, roast, bake and SERVE RAW, in soups, SMALL PLATES and salads, but above all eat it! THERE ARE NOTES ON nutrition and varieties and of course my wife Caroline and I have had a lovely time taking the pictures. So here then is a start for everyone you know who says “Oh I never know what to do with broccoli”. Well, This is the answer.

Book with postage in the UK is £6.95, Europe £6.95. Please contact me for shipping to destinations outside Europe.

Broccoli by Christopher Trotter
This paperback is signed by the Author, and the price includes postage and packing. The book makes an excellent gift or stocking filler.

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